International collaboration is inherent in the way ICK works: the dance platform comes alive with all the interactions and projects, and also because of the room there is for individuality, flexibility and openness. ICK is a place where fellow choreographers, researchers, dancers, the public and the many other partners collaborate, breathe and move together. Every collaboration that the platform enters into has grown up organically through meetings and dialogue between the parties involved. 

At the institutional level, ICK has worked very closely with Ballet National de Marseille between 2014 and 2018 and currently with Meervaart Theater in Amsterdam Nieuw-West since 2015. The latter is currently developing into a theatre for dance and physical theatre, where ICK will be the resident company as of 2017. With Meervaart Theater ICK is positioning itself as a metropolitan platform through a broadening of its artistic and education activities as well as a broadening of its audience base.